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Cover letters are hard to write, right?

Simplify the job search process with Instant Cover Letter, our AI-enabled cover letter generator. We help you build an A+ cover letter that you can send to recruiters or hiring managers, helping prove your value in a matter of minutes. You just enter a few personal details and the description of job you're applying for, and our A.I will generate an appropriately tailored and formatted cover letter to send out to employers.

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Just enter a few details

Instant Cover Letter generates the cover letter in seconds. No need to spend hours writing a perfect cover letter.

Unique and personalised

Written from scratch, no templates

When you write a cover letter, you want it to be fresh, unique and targeting the job based on who you are. Instant Cover Letter reads and understands who you are, and based on the job description generates your cover letter from scratch, so it is tailored to you specifically.


Generate multiple cover letters

If you are applying to a new position, not immediately satisfied, or just wanted to add some new information you missed, Instant Cover Letter will generate the cover letter again from scratch, different each time.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Pushing the envelope for being awesome!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common frequently asked questions

How does it work?

It uses artificial intelligence to analyze the job description, your profile info and generates a cover letter that is tailored to the job. We achieve this by leveraging the lastest state of the art artificial intelligence that has learned to read and write by learning from million of documents.

What is the quality of the cover letters?

The technology behind the app is very advanced and the quality of the cover letters is really high. Equivalent of a person with experience in writing cover letters. See our example cover letters to learn more.

What kind of cover letters does the app generate?

The A.I will generate almost all types of cover letters from entry level to senior positions. Depending on the information you enter in as job experience and education and job position it will change the writing style in style.

How is it different from the other apps like this?

In contrast to other apps we don't use templates in our app. The cover letters are written by A.I. and they are 100% original. That means that every letter we generate is unique and tailored specifically for you and the job you are applying for.

What if I am not satisfied with the cover letter generated by the A.I?

Our A.I can generate multiple original cover letters if you are not satisfied with the first generated letter. Otherwise you use it to rapidly help you draft cover letters and edit the cover letter to make it your own. If you are still not satisfied we have a 7 day money back satisfaction guarantee.

Spare yourself the tedium and anxiety of writing a cover letter.

Just enter your personal details and a job description in the app and click on the generate cover letter button

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